The Alternative Energy Revolution

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The dangers of alternative energy…



Binary Sudoku

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And another xkcd :D…

Binary Sudoku

SQL Injection Comic

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This one still makes me laugh 😀

Exploits of a mom


Super Mario Bros. meets Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga

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~8:40… Lol

Google Maps visits Australia

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I knew that Google Maps were ‘street-viewing’ Australia however I had no clue that it was going to be released so soon.

Google Maps has been driving around majority of Victoria, the area surrounding Brisbane, Sydney, South Australia and Perth taking 360 degree images of those locations… from street/pedestrian perspective. This raises some privacy issues however I’m not writing to discuss them now 😛

Google Maps visits Australia

Show your friends a picture of their house using Google Maps; its funny to watch their reaction of suprise and awe of such a feat – some describing it as ‘scary’ or ‘just amazing’. And the world comes together, even closer, once again.

There are still patches within the blue areas which still need to be mapped however im sure it wont be long before the next ‘batch’ of pictures are released to the internet.

Web 2.0

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I was at a lecture today and as part of an IT open day and this video was being shown representing the internet as it is today, Web 2.0

I found it quite interesting and thought I would share it with you.

Facepunch Studios: Forum Smartness (-9999)

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Forums these days are riddled with individuals who just can’t spell or use proper grammar within their sentences. This prompted Facepunch Studios to modify their forum and introduce ‘smartness‘ ratings.

These ratings are determined by scanning your post for common spelling and grammar mistakes, then docking ‘points’ relative to the amount of mistakes you made in your post. If your smartness rating goes below a certain level you are banned from the forums teaching you to spell and grammaticize well (and I’m quite sure ‘grammaticize‘ is correct :p).

If you can spot the three mistakes in the picture below (two grammatical, one spelling) then reply to this post with a comment stating “I can spell and grammaticize” and let the world know of your smartness 😀


Faceounch Smartness


Not a bad idea Facepunch, should be introduced as compulsory for every Internet forum installation 😛

Hotmail: 2MB Storage, Signatures and HTML!

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Today I decided to set-up a test email account with hotmail for various reasons but discovered something interesting about Hotmail’s description on the search engine. Both products/services are by the same company so I was curious as to why Hotmail was described as having a whole 2MB Storage, Signatures and HTML.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t use at all. Google wins the search engine wars. Just by coincidence I searched on live to find such interesting conent.

Garry’s Mod Server: Photo Album & Resources

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Shadow Productions has it’s own dedicated Garry’s Mod server avaliable for use world wide. Users that play on this game server sometimes invent contraptions, design rooms and achieve feats that deserve recognition and a place in the game server’s’history. This prompted the creation of the Shadow Productions, GMod Server Photo Album which allows us to showcase these events. Alongside the gallery of pictures is a section of the site that provides resources such as game addons and maps to allow other users to find them in a consoldated location.

If you have joined the Shadow Productions: Garry’s Mod server, you created something spectacular, took a photo and want to place it on the online photo gallery, just add a comment to this post with some details or wait until I join the server then talk to me then.


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PortWiki is an Internet wiki project to index all 65534 ports both TCP and UDP. Information about these ports will include the applications and games that utilize these ports, as well as other general information such as typical uses.

Other sections of the Wiki includes “Routers” which contains sub-categories of router manufacturers with their respective portfolio of router models, along with instructions on how to configure port forwarding for that particular model of router.

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