Game Music: Half-Life 2, Episodes 1 & 2

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Half-Life 2 was originally featured in the original Game Music post, but only with a limited selection of the available (awesome) songs. Here is a more in-depth compilation of my favourite Half-Life 2 tracks, including tracks from Episodes 1 and 2.

Many of the Half-Life 2 tracks use extremely heavy baselines; they should be listened to on a decent sound system, with a decent¬†sub woofer, in order to give the tracks, the justice they deserve ūüôā

In addition to the note above; the quality of the clips below compares only marginally to that on the official sound track (which happens to come with Audiosurf).

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Game Music: Mass Effect 2

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I can’t tell whether I am disappointed in the musical aspect of Mass Effect 2 or not.¬†Unfortunately,¬†some of the ‘best’ music tracks¬†aren’t¬†included on the¬†Official¬†Sound Track – reason being? They aren’t made by EA, but are instead “real life” (but undiscovered) songs used in-game. Examples include the music from Aria’s Club on Omega — instead of gaining a place on the¬†official¬†soundtrack, it was¬†substituted¬†with some “generic battle music”.

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Game Music: Mass Effect 1

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For such a great game, the ambient background music by itself doesn’t quite deliver quite the same effect as the game itself.

The music in Mass Effect was unfortunately not as ‘significant’ as I would have liked it to be. The tracks all seemed to lack the “ability” to be listened to outside of the game. A lot of the tracks were required to be coupled alongside game play in order to make their effect more prominent. This rendered the official soundtrack regrettably “forgettable”.

However, with every batch of not-so-great game music, or there are some stand out tracks from Mass Effect that provided that “Zelda-music like” connection to the game.

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Game Music: Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3 & Knuckles

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Since publishing the post containing some of my favourite game music; I have been keeping and ear and eye out for any other games which I may have missed. The original post was already quite full of various game music, so I felt it was probably best to start splitting the music up into individual game posts ūüôā

Sonic the Hedgehog! Only after finding a quiz on Sporcle related to the game music did the memories of the classic Green Hill Zone and super trendy Chemical Plant Zone music come flooding back. Below is the collection of my favourite Sonic themes.

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Game Music

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I was recently¬†enlightened to a page as a result of a Google search for the ‘Greatest Game Music Ever’. The ‘Billboard’ website, listed 25 of the ‘Best Video Game Songs Ever’. In one of the biggest insults to real game music, the list comprised of real world songs, by real world artists, that had been used in games like GTA and Guitar Hero. C’mon Guitar Hero!? Best video game songs!? /sigh

While it may be dependant on the game in question, I’m not having a ‘go’ at the game itself, but the people and consequent websites who believe the GTA and Guitar Hero music is proper video game music.

On a final note, this page may be quite memory consuming with all the embedded files — but hey, it’s worth it ūüôā

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Team Fortress 2 – Comics

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I was browsing the¬†Internet¬†and some local pictures and found some interesting Team Fortress 2 comics and included them below. I can’t remember the sources, nor authors for all of them. Let me know if you’re the creator ūüėČ

Click the image to make it bigger, if it’s still not big enough, Right click then “Open in new tab/window” or similar.

Bioshock 2: Steam Price in Australia

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Steam has opened Bioshock 2 for pre-order, to be released in just under three weeks.

BioShock 2 Pre-Purchase Now


BioShock 2 is now available for pre-purchase on Steam! Save 10% and earn an extra copy of BioShock free! If you already own BioShock then gift it to any of your friends!
Want to play with a few of your friends? The BioShock 2 Four Pack gives you four copies of BioShock 2 and four free copies of BioShock to give out to your friends!

However, the price for Australia in Steam¬†appears¬†to be substantially higher, $27 USD higher… Using the two links below show two different prices, and¬†unfortunately¬†unless you have a US billing address, you wont be able to use the US store page.

AUD Bioshock Page:
USD Bioshock Page:

Suggestions for getting the lower price range from illegal to legal, however probably the easiest legal method is to just get it gifted from someone in America then pay them back via PayPal.

BioShock: “Cohen’s Masterpiece” – Piano Sheet Music

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The other day I was listening to some music from BioShock (one of my all time favourite games), “Cohen’s Masterpiece”.

Below is video from YouTube of the song played on piano;

You can also view the scene from BioShock involving “Young Fitzpatrick” and Cohen’s masterpiece in the following video;

I thought it would be interesting to source the sheet music and take a look at it. My favourite parts are from bars 4 through 7 (0:12 Р~0:25 in the topmost video), and the similar variations of that segment throughout the rest of the piece.

The pictures below are the three pages that make up the manuscript.

You can download the manuscript as a PDF:¬†BioShock: “Cohen’s Masterpiece”.

Left 4 Dead 2 – Release Delayed

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Launch Time

One of the latest most anticipated releases on Steam seems to have missed its launch date. Déjà vu anyone?

L4D2 Release Day

The¬†Steam Forums and Steam community are responding sluggishly to requests, most¬†likely bursting at the seams from the influx of gamers that want to get their hands dirty and start playing…

Most users attempting to access the Steam Community site are being presented with a ‘Down for Maintenance’ message, pictured below.

L4D2 Release Date: Steam Community Down

Personally, I am not to fussed if the deadlines¬†aren’t¬†met down to the second — managing the release of a game across millions of computers worldwide isn’t an easy feat. So Valve, take your time, just ignore the barrage of insults and gamer rage…
In the mean time gamers, visit the stats page to view the new in-game achievements and various records statistics.

UPDATE (+ 15 Minutes)

Having blocked comments on the event page (most¬†likely¬†to reduce server load), gamers can now no longer leave their insulting comments.. which is probably a good thing… This has allowed people to once again, gain access to Steam community.

UPDATE (+ 1 Hour)

An hour passed the launch time and L4D2 is finally showing signs of being released. The¬†Steam store page has been revamped and a new post has made it onto the L4D blog site. Maybe daylight savings had something do with it ūüėõ

UPDATE (+1 Hour 15 Minutes)

Users are now able to decrypt game files ūüôā Happy Gaming!

L4D2 Release: Decrypting

Borderlands: Intro and Game Trailer Song

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While the art direction in Borderlands is fairly interesting, so is the music.


Here are two tracks from Borderlands that should be on the OST (Official Sound Track) at any rate.

“Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage The Elephant

“No Heaven” by DJ Champion

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